Monday, April 30, 2012

Mens Over-30 Update

Another update from the strangely Austrian manager of the Youngs Park SC Masters:
A no sub YPSC team pulled off another stunning victory. Playing in changed formation YPSC had control of the game in the beginning and soon were up by 1. The team was unlucky to concede an equalizer as the defense stopped for what they taught was a whistle.

But the team came out at half time with an inspiring formation change from Andrew. They absorbed the pressure by the much fresher legs team and hit on the counter with two goals that will contenders for goals of the week.

Zis is za way shampions play za game. Zis one was for za Youngs Park" said a very delighted manager after the game.

Team Demolition the club from the same city and the current league leaders also continued their impressive season and maintain their lead of the table. Will their be a season defining derby match? Only time will tell

Well done, lads!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Players Needed for the Over-30 Team

This was sent by Jon to players who are over the age of 30:

We have been running into player shortages due to scheduling conflicts. We could use another 3-4 players to make up the gap, esp for this Friday's game where we have 5 players that will miss leaving us with only 11 to play. If any of you are interested in joining up let myself or Tunde know. Our game is this Friday at 9:30 PM.

Jonathan Moore
913-529-3100 x104

Please let him know if you can play.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

YPSC Over-30 Update

I came across this story on the wire:

YPSC suffered its first loss of the season in a very hard fought and contentious match against Chilitos that was marred in referee controversy. The team had an uphill battle from the beginning as it was only able to field 9 players against a Chilitos side that had 5 subs.
Starting in a 4-3-1 formation, the YPSC showed a lot of discipline and tactical strength playing great counter attacking football and was able to go up 1-0 from a goal of the season contender from forward Simone, his free kick from 35 yards dipped over the wall and found the far post beating the goalkeeper. . The team was at full strength midway through the full first half but still played with no subs for the whole match.
The referee made numerous bad calls against YPSC, 7 offside calls that should not have been, a penalty that even the opposing team was surprised that it was given and several no calls against CHilitos, who hacked YPFC attacking midfielder Andrew every time he touched the ball. Even two bleeding arms and knees from Andrew could not convince the ref that he was being fouled. Yet the team held on to 1-0 lead.
Finally, 15 minutes to time, the Chilitos strategy of changing 3 players every 7 minutes finally paid off as a tired YPFC defense finally conceded. Truth be told, fatigue and not the other team was responsible for the team’s loss as players were unable to get back to cover in defense and all the Chilitos goals were from third chances after brilliant saves and hectic defending from the backline, but there was always 2 extra Chilitos players in the 18 yard box to get to the loose ball. When asked why he had not deployed a defensive strategy to maintain the lead, the feisty manager replied:
 “Zis is ridicoulous, ze boys play to win ze game always. Ze team is like a lion, ze attack and eat ze antelope”
“But Ze lion’s tail has been cut by ze machete, but zis is bad for ze ozer teams. Ze lion will devour all ze rest”
This reporter must concede that if the 9 men of YPSC were able to play so organized, other teams had better be wary of a full strength team, inside sources in the camp have already said the team is deploying a different formation from its normal 4-1-2-1-2 formation. Stay tuned for more……RUETERS

Go get'em, boys!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lost & Found

XL Navy / grey reversible pants